About the ACT Doctor website

The ACT Doctor’s site is loaded with tutoring content, including posts aimed at specific question types, free materials, crib sheets, and video tutorials. While the ACT Doctor is preparing for the release of his upcoming ACT Math Handbook, the site is currently aimed at the math section of the ACT. Subscribe to the ACT Doctor’s website for access to a private Facebook group for regular office hours (Coming Soon!).

Does the ACT Doctor provide in-person tutoring?

The Doctor hosts weekly tutoring sessions for small groups in New Roads, Louisiana, his hometown. Use the Contact Form if you live in Louisiana and would like to register for in-person tutoring from the ACT Doctor, or just email the Doctor at theACTdoctor at gmail.com.

How the Doctor became the Doctor …

After high school, Scott Smith thought he was finished with the ACT forever. He did well enough on the ACT and SAT to qualify as a National Merit Finalist and moved on to the next step. Eventually, though, he was drawn into the world of tutoring.

During a short stint teaching high school, he discovered the great need for math tutors in his small town and especially in rural areas of the South. He thought he had something special he could contribute, helping students prepare for these pivotal standardized tests.

Smith started tutoring a couple students and then a couple more. His reputation spread quickly through the area, as several of his students saw big jumps in their ACT scores. Soon, students were driving in from neighboring parishes for his weekly tutoring sessions. Eventually, he became known as … “The ACT Doctor.”

Smith started making materials to help his students practice and prepare at home. The goal of this site is to continue sharing his materials and insights.

Smith has a degree in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University, a Masters in Theology for Notre Dame Seminary, and a law degree from Louisiana State University. He is currently serving as an Assistant Attorney General in the Louisiana Department of Justice.